Frequently Asked Questions.

Absolutely.  In fact, I already have a full time job that I love working for a non-profit and have no intention of leaving there.  However, I am often left with plenty of free time in the evenings and on weekends.  What better way to keep doing what I enjoy?

I’m what you might call a man who wears many hats.  I always had an interest in learning new skills in technology, so I would frequently learn something, then move on to something else, which in turn would move me into even more interests.  I’m really just a nerd sponge at heart.

I can’t.  I’m just one person.  Luckily, I’ve been blessed enough that I have the freedom to pick and choose who I wish to work with.  And it has been my experience that those who are just starting off with an idea tend to not be a very good fit for my schedule or skills.  I always look for someone who already has a real business in full swing.  The best clients are the ones who have been at it for at least a year or two, minimum, and tend to just need some guidance to get on track, and then could use regular periodic maintenance.

There is honestly no answer to this.  Every business is unique, every market is different, and Google algorithms change constantly.  But any good SEO consultant will be honest when they say it could take anywhere from 90-180 days before seeing any good, measurable improvement to your website’s performance.  And, even then, regular maintenance will always be required to stay current and healthy.

Results?  No.  And anyone who says they can is trying to sell you something.  What I CAN guarantee is that, if you follow my recommendations, the search engines will like you and your site a lot more. Meaning, the algorithms will see that you deserve better placement on their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  This, in turn, will get you more clicks and better leads.  I can also guarantee that if you follow my recommendations, you will perform better s far as rich snippets are concerned which also will help to convert more clicks and leads.  The idea is simple:  Search engine algorithms want you to provide SOMETHING – and if you provide it, you will be rewarded.