About Me.

Professional SEO Consultant

I first began working with WordPress around 2004 just after it was first released.  I had recognized the value of domain names in a secondary market.  I leased a dedicated server at that time and began to purchase many domain names, often using WordPress to create a website around each purchased domain name.  The website would make the domain purchase more appealing to secondary buyers, and I experienced a lot of success doing this as a side gig to my primary job of working in the film industry as a marketing expert.

After I left the film industry in 2010 to pursue creating my own event planning business in Las Vegas, I found it necessary to teach myself Search Engine Optimization.  I learned white, gray, and black hat techniques and found that I enjoyed ranking my business websites more than I did the business itself.  I dissolved the event planning business after about six years of good success, then moved back home to Dallas.

My brother and I went to our first escape room soon after I arrived in Dallas, and we both agreed we wanted to start our own.  I used my website design and SEO skills to our benefit, and even taught myself Arduino coding, some telephony, and additional technologies that helped me to design games for our new venture.  Due to my SEO skills, we were soon to the point that we were looking to hire additional staff when COVID hit and, eventually, killed the business entirely.

I then took on the role of General Manager of a new kids indoor amusement center and worked to improve the technology of this new business, as well.  I improved the website and assisted with SEO for this tough business during COVID.  While I did not stay with this business for long (alas, it was losing money all because of the pandemic), my accomplishments were noticeable and timely. 

It was during this period that I began consulting as a side business and eventually helped multiple businesses rank on Google locally, as well as improve their onsite, offsite, and technical SEO.  I've taken on dentists, plumbers, specialty shops, assisted living communities, and more.  With more than 75 previous successful clients, my story did not end there.  In fact, it's only just getting started.  

Get in contact with me if you're ready to get your story moving, as well.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to work with you soon! 


Personal Information

  • Name Michael Beck
  • Education BA/Psychology
  • Residence Colorado
  • Email beck@t1k.com
  • Areas Served USA
  • Client Spots 1 Available


Local SEO

I'm here to help you optimize your GBP listing, build citations and backlinks, and get you closer to the top of the major search engines.

Web Design

Whether you're looking for a fresh update to your current site, or a complete overhaul, I can get you and your business to where you need to be.

Responsive Design

All of my website designs are mobile responsive and ready for the future.


My experience doesn't end at your website's tech improvements.  If you need extra content, I have the equipment and the experience to make your site pop.


My experience in sales, traditional and digital marketing, logistics, and planning is a great fit for nearly every niche business.


Every business needs fresh and accurate content in order to succeed online.  My resources will get the job done.

Non-Traditional Marketing

It's not for everyone, but if your business is willing to take some risks to succeed even faster, utilizing some of the safer black hat methods may work for you.


Using my hosting services will gain you more access to your backend and also includes free monthly SEO reports.